Cheap Travel Insurance With Medical Conditions


When you go on holiday or travel overseas becoming ill can be a nightmare. Not only does feeling unwell mean that your holiday can be ruined but having to deal with the illness when you are in unfamiliar surroundings can be very stressful.

That’s why the travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, all travel professionals and travel agents is “take out travel insurance”.

However for those with an existing medical condition buying travel insurance can be expensive if you don’t shop around.

There are (what feels like) hundreds of options to choose from if you’re fit and healthy, but if you have high blood pressure or diabetes for example the premiums can be pricey.

But help is at hand, if you shop around and speak to a specialist (rather then just the cashier in the travel agent) then you really can obtain affordable cover.

In fact even if you have a terminal prognosis, providing you have 6 months or more to live after the return date of your holiday it is possible to arrange travel insurance.

The most common conditions

Typically as we age we pick up minor and then perhaps some more serious medical conditions that need to be disclosed to the insurer before the policy is set up and before you leave the UK.

The most common conditions are diabetes, high blood pressure often associated with high cholesterol, arrhythmia (that’s an irregular heart beat often treated by the insertion of a pace maker), COPD, (that’s chronic airways disease), and sleep apnoea.

Some of the more serious conditions that are easily covered include cancer, heart attack, stroke and mini-stoke (TIA), heart bypass, angioplasty and the insertion of stents (stenting).

How to get cheap travel insurance with medical conditions

What insurers rate most highly for is travellers that are currently waiting for treatment or a consultation in connection with a recent diagnosis.

Travellers that have had a change to their medication within the last 6 months may also face increased costs as this may be an indication that the condition is not stable or well managed.

So if you want to get the best value travel insurance when you are travelling with pre existing medical conditions you should firstly know exactly the name of the condition you are suffering from, not the name of the treatment or drug which is not the same thing. If necessary pop in to see your doctor or GP and ask them to write it down.

Secondly, use a comparison site as travel insurance premiums vary wildly. Don’t just assume that because you’ve been al life long customer your bank or travel agent will give you preferential treatment, they won’t. Another frustration we see time and again is that customers get disillusioned with businesses like Saga who are supposed to give extra special deals to older clients. On a number of occasions we have heard that customers have been able to halve the Saga premium by shopping around.

Thirdly, don’t be tempted to hold back the information or “non-disclose” as there’s really no point buying a policy that won’t payout. If you make a claim it’s quite likely the insurer will request your last 5 years medical history from your GP and if it doesn’t match what you said when you took out the policy, it won’t payout!

For cheap travel insurance with medical conditions from a panel of specialist travel insurance providers that work for customers with pre-existing medical conditions, visit our travel insurance partner